Sys2kCloud is an advanced user-friendly cloud storage system that allows the attachment of metadata to files for easy to searching and categorization of your files. (limited time)!

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Access Files Anywhere

Whether you are at your computer at home or on the go on your smart mobile device, you have access to your sotred files 24/7.

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Secure Cloud Hosting

Rest assured that your sensitive files are securely transferred and stored on our cloud servers located in the United States.

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Easy To Use

Sys2kCloud can be accessed through our upload management program on your PC or directly from our website with any internet connection.

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About Sys2kCloud

Sys2kCloudSys2kCloud is an advanced cloud data storage system. As with all cloud systems, Sys2kCloud allows you to back up and archive your data without having to support it or store it on servers at your specific location. We have designed Sys2kCloud to allow you to support large amounts of data without having to outlay the capital for expensive server space.

However, unlike other cloud systems available to the public, Sys2kCloud is specifically designed for individuals who want to attach meta data to any type of file you choose to store. In fact, you have the option to attach PO numbers, keywords, and other types of descriptive information to your files to make them searchable and easy to categorize. This user-friendly feature is something no other system offers.

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